Dreamgenii Twinkle Tog - Circus Spot - 2.5 tog

Dreamgenii Twinkle Tog - Circus Spot - 2.5 tog
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Product Description

Note: Size 1-2 Years is out of stock but size difference between 1-2 and 2-3 is minimal (see 'Sizing Info')

The dreamgenii® Twinkle Tog will keep your toddler warm and snug during the night.

Some young children kick off their covers during the night leaving them cold and exposed and the answer to this, up until now, has been a traditional children’s sleeping bag.

Whilst younger babies love the cocoon effect of the sleeping bag, toddlers like to move around and be free to explore their environment and this can lead to them becoming frustrated at the restrictive nature of the sleeping bag.

Drawing upon all of the benefits of the traditional sleeping bag the dreamgenii® Twinkle Tog allows your toddler to move around freely, naturally and unrestricted in their bed, avoiding those upsetting tumbles as they try to get out of bed when their legs are trapped in a sleeping bag.

The Twinkle Tog allows you to change your child into their night time covers before they go to bed. If you travel in the car during the evening, the dreamgenii® Twinkle Tog allows your toddler to be unstrapped easily from their car seat and transferred to bed without unnecessary disturbance. With a quilted outer, and a soft jersey lining, the dreamgenii® Twinkle Tog will ensure that your toddler has a comfortable, undisturbed and cosy night. quite simply A Magical Night’s Sleep.

The Twinkle Tog is accessed via a zip down the front of the garment which fastens from top to bottom, with an additional Velcro fastening near the crotch to keep your child snug and prevent them from easily undoing the garment themselves.

Twinkle Tog currently available in the Unisex Circus Spot 2.5 tog.


Outer​:​ 50% polyester, 50% cotton
Lining​:​ 100% cotton
​Filling​:​ 100% polyester

Sizing Info

  • The Twinkle Tog 1-2 years is 52cm from the top of the neck to the bottom of the crutch, and 82cm from the top of the neck to the bottom of the foot cuff.
  • Twinkle Tog in the 2-3 years size is 54cm from the top of the neck to the bottom of the crutch, and 86.5cm from the top of the neck to the bottom of the foot cuff.

As with all cotton goods, they are designed to allow for up to 6% shrinkage.


Twinkle Tog - The Wearable Quilt - Circus Spot main image

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- 08/02/2016
I have 20 month old twins who are very active...even when they sleep so trying to keep bed clothes on them at night was difficult and always a worry. I bought 2 of these Dreamgenii Twinkle Tog - Circus Spot sleep suits last Thursday and I received them on Friday, excellent service. My twins wore them over the weekend and I have to say I am delighted with them. I bought size 2-3, they are a little big but I just turned the legs up on them and they are perfect. I will probably get next winter out of them too. I would highly recommend these sleep suits.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 out of 5]
- 08/02/2013
I brought two of these when he was one (so if he wet one id have another to change him into right away)! He has now grown out of them and its back to waking at night because he kicks the covers off! I cant recommend these enough, if you are looking for a gift for a toddler I promise you the mum will be eternally grateful! I have just ordered the 2-3 size for my now 2.5 year old (they do last longer then the years stated because there's no feet), praying he learns how to keep the covers on by the time he's 4! For me this item really is one of the top items on my great finds list, just hope it arrives soon!!!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 out of 5]
- 11/05/2012
I bought this for my 1 year old who kicks blankets off herself and crys wearing sleeping bags as she moves so much at night. This product has been fantastic. She is sleeping all night now and is a happier baby because of it. Thanks!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 out of 5]
- 05/01/2012
A friend of mine recommended this to me after I told her about my son waking up every couple of hours in the night after kicking his blankets off. She couldn't praise it enough so I took her advice and bought one. And I absolutely LOVE it! My son now sleeps all night and I wish I'd gotten one sooner. Anyway, I've just got my second one delivered today and I only ordered it yesterday! Great service Hey Mama. Many thanks.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 out of 5]
- 23/10/2011
The twinkletog worked a charm for our toddler. She was forever kicking her blankets off and since we put her in this she slept through. Once she was walking too I think she hated being confined in the sleep bag so loved this. Looks cute as a button in it too!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 out of 5]
- 26/04/2011
Dreamgenii Twinkle Tog is a great innovative product. A sleeping bag with legs!! It's great for travelling in the evening as you can put your toddler straight from the car seat to bed. It has all the benefits of a sleeping bag with the added bonus of your child not getting their legs tangled up in it. Safe, comfortable, practical and very cute!!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 out of 5]
- 30/11/2010
I tried this out last night as my daughter is 18 months old and kicks off any blanket put on her. She hates the restrictive nature of sleep bags and tends to get all tangled up in them and then wakes up every hour or 2 all night long as she is cold. Last night was an especially cold night and the twinkle tog has solved those problems and has given me the best nights sleep I have had since she was born. A really brilliant product which kept my daughter warm and cosy, yet able to move without restriction. I will definitely be recommending this product to all my friends.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 out of 5]

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